Values & Guiding Principles

VAPCOL ensures satisfaction to customers without compromising on quality standards. VAPCOL's effort is towards creating sustainable livelihood for rural communities and building linkages with markets.

VAPCOL has been promoted with the following broad guiding principles:

  • Develop market linkages and take up marketing of the fresh and processed produce of its members, particularly in markets not directly accessible to them individually
  • Provide a common brand image for the produce
  • Support members in accessing appropriate technology for value chain operations
  • Assist members in obtaining professional inputs in technical and managerial areas
  • Assist members in establishing facilities and infrastructure for value chain operations
  • Take up capacity building of member organizations.

The first two activities are part of the commercial operations of VAPCOL and are carried out on commercial principles. The operating profits from these operations are distributed as Patronage Dividend to member organisations in proportion to their contribution to the business of VAPCOL and an Equity Dividend in proportion to the equity share-holding of the members.

The last four of the above activities are developmental activities in the nature of member-services and are carried out of the financial resources that can be mobilized for these specific activities.

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