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  • Primary Producer's Collectives

    Members of VAPCOL have access to Sales Channel and the products are sold under the brand name "Vrindavan" which helps them fetch better returns for their produce. Our Brand helps in making the primary producers directly a part of the value chain of the product.

    Eligibility for being member of VAPCOL

    • Any individual farmer or any Cooperative or any other Farmer Producer Organization, whether formal or informal (including SHGs), engaged in producing, processing and marketing of agro-based products is eligible to become a member of VAPCOL.
    • Eligible members have to purchase minimum 10 equity shares of Rs. 100 each through formal share application.
  • Our Brand

    'Vrindavan' is the brand under which VAPCOL sells all its products. The brand is known for its premium quality Cashew, Pickles, Mango Pulp/bar and Fresh Mangoes. The Company's operations are qualified for many certifications required for the processing of food products such as :

    # Name of Certification/ Standard Year Awarded
    1 ISO 22000:2005 2013
    2 FSSAI 2013
    3 FPO 2009

    Members can avail of access to mainstream market through VAPCOL and can also avail of the "Vrindavan" trademark subject to certain terms of agreement.

  • Facilitation for Access to Financial Services

    VAPCOL provides advisory services to facilitate procedures and leverage sources of financial capital to the member organizations as there are limitations in governance and systems for accessing financial support which is required to upscale the activities of the members. Through VAPCOL, the prospective member can get consultation and required guidance to avail the support from financial institutions.

  • Exposure Visits & Learning Tours

    VAPCOL organizes exposure visits for like-minded organizations to offer a learning experience which includes its approach, strategies as well as mechanisms related to post-production activities. These training and exposure visits help the prospective member to get hands on experience of different aspects of value chain operations..

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