VAPCOL operations are handled through 3 of its branch offices located at Vansda (Gujarat), Peinth (Maharashtra) and Udaipur (Rajasthan) and it is headquartered at Pune (Maharashtra). Main operations undertaken by VAPCOL are procurement and marketing of the products under the brand name of "Vrindavan".


The member organizations of VAPCOL directly own the entire chain of activities right from procurement of raw produce from the farmer upto the final processing and quality-wise grading of the produce, while VAPCOL is responsible for the marketing of these products. It also provides technical support in production processes, quality management and packaging. Other than that, it disburses working capital loan to members for smoothly carrying out their operations. This loan has been availed from NABARD which is further extended to the members. All the above mentioned activities are carried out in all three branch offices.

Quality Control

VAPCOL ensures quality of products under supervision of Food Technologists and Agri-graduates. All the products have to pass through the procurement norms set by the Company.


VAPCOL is promoting and marketing the farmers' produce under the brand name "Vrindavan", which presents varied range of products such as fresh fruit and derivatives of raw and ripe Mango, Amla derivatives, plain and flavoured Cashew Kernel and other F&V preserves. All the branches are involved in marketing of the products. It has explored several marketing options including retail, distributor, wholesale, Kiosks as well as Hyper stores. In addition to that, VAPCOL has also forayed in e-market channels such as Snapdeal and Amazon with Vrindavan products.

The profit generated from these commercial operations is majorly paid back to the member organizations either as patronage dividend or as equity dividend. There is minimal surplus that is retained by VAPCOL and this is mainly applied for expanding the marketing activities and for covering the organizational overheads.

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