Management and Board of Directors

  • Shri. Babanbhai Jivabhai Deshmukh

    Shri. Babanbhai Deshmukh is a leading progressive farmer from Vansda Block of Navsari District. He represents Vasundhara Vrix Vanwadi Jalsinchan Vikas Sahkari Mandali since 1985, a cooperative under VAPCOL.

  • Shri. Harichandra Dhavlu Bhusara

    Shri. Harichandra Bhusara is a leading progressive farmer from Jawahar, Palghar District, and Maharashtra. He represents Amrai Adivasi Mittra Phal Prakria Sansthan.

  • Shri. Gulab Krushna Kamdi

    Shri. Gulab Kamdi is a leading progressive farmer from Nashik District, Maharashtra. He represents VAPCOL Salagna Vibhag, Barhe, one of the unregistered PO of Maharashtra.

  • Shri. Chintamani Padavi

    Shri. Chintamani Padavi is a leading progressive farmer. He represents Tutarkhed Vibhag Bagayati Sahkari Mandli, a co-operative in Valsad district of Gujarat. This co-operative mainly deals with cashew and mango.

  • Shri Girish G. Sohani

    Shri. Girish Sohani is President and Managing Trustee of BAIF Development Research Foundation. He has been associated with BAIF since 30 years and has been involved in promotion of FPOs for agri-business.

  • Shri. N. Srinivasan :

    Shri. N. Srinivasan served as the Chief General Manager of NABARD and presently functions as a freelance consultant to various organisations and GoI. He has been involved in many significant initiatives in rural finance; as well as institutional development and strengthening.

  • Shri B. K. Kakade

    Shri. B. K. Kakade is Sr. Vice President, BAIF Development Research Foundation. He has worked on sustainable rural livelihoods, decentralized water resource management systems, and drought proofing approach in semi-arid regions of India.

  • Shri Ramesh Rawal

    Shri. Ramesh Rawal is Executive Vice President, BAIF Development Research Foundation. He is involved in conceiving and managing rural development programmes in different States of India.

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