Benefits to Shareholders

  • Irrespective of their size or legal status (registered/unregistered), members get multiple benefits:
    • Access to appropriate distributor and retail markets.
    • Exploration of new marketing avenues like organized retail chains, corporate linkages, e-marketplaces, exhibitions, gift hampers, etc.
    • Access to finance.
    • Managerial support for smooth and efficient running of operations.
    • Market information and feedback.
    • Market linkages for direct selling.
  • Under its developmental-services mandate, VAPCOL provides agri-extension services for proper maintenance of farms and adoption of good agriculture practices, so that yields improve and members get higher returns
  • VAPCOL provides a legal umbrella to unregistered members, enabling them to get the benefit of various licensing and tax registrations.
  • VAPCOL has also endeavored to provide members with professional expertise in the areas of food processing, finance, marketing or management, either through its own staff or external consultants.

Benefits to End Customers

  • Vrindavan products are farm-fresh produce.
  • Vrindavan Kesar and Alphonso Mangoes are organic and naturally ripened to provide natural taste to the end customers.
  • Standard Product Processing and Quality Control ensures hygienic and quality products to the end customer.

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