Vasundhara Agri-Horti Producer Co. Ltd (VAPCOL) is a multi-State second-tier farmer organisation registered as a Producer Company under the Companies' Act. Its members are first-tier Farmer Organisations (registered or unregistered) having primary membership of individual farmer producers. Farmer Organisations are equity holders in VAPCOL. The Company also has non-equity-holding Institutional Members who play a supportive role for the Farmer organisations.

VAPCOL was registered in the year 2004. After an initial period of building a member-base, it began operations in 2008-09; VAPCOL was formed for the purpose of carrying out the business of procurement, grading, marketing, selling, export of primary produce of the members or procurement of goods or services for their benefit. Today the producer company has a membership base of 55 producer organizations spread across various States of India representing a primary membership base of about 41000 farmers. VAPCOL deals in multiple commodities produced by its members primarily fruit and nuts.

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